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Who we are

JR Exhibitions Group is a general exhibition and overall ecology service provider. JR has been adhering to the "customer success" business philosophy to provide comprehensive services for customers in all directions in its 12-year history.
The global business value that closely connected by the general exhibition and overall ecology service is the founding mission of JR. JR regards the service providing one-stop exhibition marketing and brand promotion for the customers as a strategic goal, forming exhibition service, exhibition design, exhibition organizing and other diversified exhibition business system. There were more than 5000 customers cooperated with Just Right, which directly or indirectly contributed to 10 billion yuan annually for the turnover by December 2016.
In the future, Just Right will fulfill the "pathfinder" role in exhibition industry, adhere to exploration and innovation, undertake social responsibility actively, promote the commercial civilization development as a pioneer in the industry, making effort to realize the prospect of the most respected exhibition enterprise.

What we do
What we believe

“Just Right” is originated from the transliteration of the "JUST RIGHT".
Choose the right people, do the right things, and do the things right!
We believe:
Good promise is as good as gold.

What we got

Hangzhou famous trademark

The most popular exhibition service provider trusted by the export enterprises

The first class qualification of the China display engineering design enterprise

The first class qualification of the Zhejiang exhibition engineering enterprise

2016 Zhejiang first batch of growth oriented cultural enterprise

2016 Zhejiang excellent cultural and creative enterprise in the cultural and creative industry

2016 Hangzhou demonstration enterprise of the credit management

2015 annual outstanding exhibition unit with golden five stars

2015 annual outstanding exhibit character with golden five stars

2015 annual ten integrity enterprises of the national exhibition engineering industry

2015 annual Zhejiang excellent exhibition service organization of the exhibition industry

2015 annual Zhejiang advanced workers of the exhibition industry

2014 annual member unit of the China International Chamber of Commerce

2014 China ten top exhibition enterprises

2013 annual outstanding member unit of the International Chamber of Commerce

2012 Hangzhou excellent demonstration enterprise of the cultural and creative industry

2012 annual contribution award for the street economic development


What we experienced

2nd Floor, No.2 Building, Jolo Creative Park, No.5 Genshanzhisan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China 310004
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